The zip file (available via the link to the right) contains an abbreviated 16 page (100dpi) 11"x17" preliminary design document, currently utilized for marketing purposes.

Be prepared for an extended download time; the document is approximately 37 Megs in size and will therefore take an estimated:

10 min @ 512 Kbps - or-
7 min @ 768Kbps -or-
3 min @ 1.5 Mbps (T1/DS1)


(Download & Unzip File to Open PDF)
The zip file (available via the link to the right) contains a 3D AutoCAD (Ver. 2004) file with over 75 layers and numerous component blocks.
Through layer control you can easily create a Site view featuring BEFORE or AFTER project completion conditions.

The document is approximately 5.4 Megs in size and therefore shouldn't take more than 2 minutes to download @ 512 Kbps

(Download & Unzip File to open DWG)
Info supplied via this website, illustrated within the published Exhibits or available within CAD files are conceptual only.  A substantial amount of information must be obtained and many decisions must be made by Westin Company and other entities before the project will be completed.  No one should rely upon the statements made within this website or its content regarding the status of the project or statements made regarding other projects as a basis for making a financial decision.